Some thoughts on lawn ornaments

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Lawns can look nice with just the grass. The clean look of green grass that is manicured does have a nice minimalist appeal to it.

But really it's boring.

It's why my wife insisted we put an island around our tree in the front yard.

And we had flowers for a long time until the bunny rabbits showed up. And ate all of the flowers.

Bunnies are cute until they eat a few hundred dollars worth of flowers overnight.

So there are some decorations you can put in your yard that is not going to be eaten.

One popular type are lighthouses. Which would be funny here in the middle of North Texas. I do live next to a very large lake but nowhere near the ocean. Yet lighthouses are common yard ornaments. Because they do look nice.

Same thing goes for windmill ornaments. And here in the middle part of the US - we typically get enough breezy days to guarantee they will be spinning regularly.

The benefit of spinning windmills ornaments is that they not only look nice but the spinning adds to the visual interest of the ornament.

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