Narrowest Lawn Bowls

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While sports can be a lot of fun, not everyone enjoys games like basketball and baseball. Many people prefer to play games that are more on the relaxing side.

One game that many people enjoy is lawn bowling. Also known as bocce ball, this is a game that people can play at home or in public parks. It requires people to throw balls along the grass.

If you are looking for a new hobby, you may want to give lawn bowling a try. Here's a look at some of the benefits that it offers.

It's Easy To Play In Your Own Yard 

While a lot of people play bocce ball at events, this isn't the only way that you play. Lawn bowling sets aren't prohibitively expensive. It should be easy enough for you to buy a bocce ball set and start playing this game with your friends and family members.

It won't cost you much to get started, and the game isn't very difficult to figure out. If you haven't tried …

Compact Folding Lawn Chairs

This page contains referral links which means I earn a small commission on purchases.

One of the best things of living in Texas is that you can spend almost all year outdoors. Yes, it does get hot during the summer. But you learn not to go out during heat of the day.

But in the evening it's possible to go hang outside with friends. And this is a popular past time in neighborhoods. In particular for families with kids.

Yet, you don't want to stand up all of the time. You want to sit and drink your adult beverage after a long day at work.

This is why folding lawn chairs are so good. And unlike when I was growing up, modern chairs can fold up almost like Transformers. So they don't take up as much room.

These chairs are good for people who want a chair that can easily hold an adult but you don't want to lose you entire garage to storing chairs.

Many of them are also small and light enough that you can take with you if you go backpacking.

Here are 5 chairs I found on Amazo…

Caring For Your Lawn At Autumn Time

How much care and attention do you give your lawn during the autumn months? It is a common sight to see people working in their gardens and mowing the lawn in the summer but as the seasons change, it can be easy to sit back and leave everything until the warm weather returns. If you want to keep your lawns in great condition, there are plenty of tasks that you can undertake at this time of the year and you will see the benefits of your work the following year as you approach the spring and summer periods. So let’s take a look at how you can care for your lawn at autumn time.

The first priority to consider is to make some running repairs to any damaged patches of grass. There may be areas of moss and weeds that need to be raked out. These will often require treating first to kill the moss and weeds which can then be fully cleared once you can see that everything is dead. If you inspect your lawn you may well find other worn patches that need attention and this can particularly be the …

Lawn Care After The Winter Months

Your lawn may have endured harsh winds, ice, and even snow in the winter months. As it starts to warm up and Spring has arrived to melt that freeze, it is the right time to observe your grass and make the right plans to revive your lawn. In most cases a strong lawn will recuperate by itself, but here are some ways to prepare your lawn for the warm months to follow.

1.Clean Up Your Yard
With the accumulation of debris, dirt, and leaves, it is highly advisable to give your lawn a thorough clean. You can use a blower or hand tools to clean away anything that may be covering your lawn. If there happen to be any trees, shrubs or plants that did not make through the winter, now is a good time to take them out. The removal of excess debris will provide you with a view of messy or short areas in your lawn that will need extra care.

2.Aerate The Soil
If the soil in your garden has become compacted due to foot traffic and heavy snowfall in the winter, it becomes a task for the grass roots to ob…

How To Care For A Lawn In The Winter

Once autumn has passed, and winter has arrived, it's time to start caring for your lawn in a very specific way. Unlike what occurs during the spring where you are beginning to fertilize and water your lawn to make it thick, this is one of the easier times where lawn maintenance can be done in a minimal fashion. There will be no need to mow your lawn, trim it, fertilize it, and you definitely do not have to water your lawn at all. It will be in a dormant state, and there are a few things that you will need to do to make sure that while it is dormant, it will be prepared for when springtime arrives.

Fertilizing Your Lawn In The Winter
This should actually be done in early winter, right as fall is about to pass. You will fertilize certain types of grass like bluegrass or Bermuda, long before the first freeze occurs. This will allow you to replace all of the nutrients that may have been lost during this time of the year, and certainly during the hot summer months. Cold-weather may ma…

How To Care For A Lawn With Dogs – Your Ultimate Guide

Are you interested in learning how to care for a lawn with dogs? If so, this guide is going to give you the answers you’ve been looking for. In particular, dog urine is well known for causing damage to a lawn, and it’s not always an easy problem to solve. However, it’s certainly possible to avoid this problem when you know how - so let’s explore further.

First of all, there’s no denying that dog urine can cause real damage to an otherwise wonderful lawn, and this is mostly because urine is a form of highly concentrated nitrogen liquid – which obviously has many similarities to bleach or ammonia.

As you’d expect, even a small portion of bleach can destroy an otherwise lovely lawn, and even when it is diluted, it will still leave brown patches that can be difficult to overcome.

But what can you do about it?

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to counter this problem is to simply keep a close eye on your dog, and do your best to encourage them to urinate only in a specific area of th…

How To Care For A Lawn With Weeds In Just Days

If you have a large lawn, one that has recently been inundated with weeds, you might wonder what in the world you will be able to do. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with weed infestations, especially if you have never done this before. There are certain chemicals that you can apply to a lawn that will only affect the weeds, and may also be combined with beneficial nutrients to help your grass grow. This article will address how you can take care of your lawn, especially if it is now full of weeds, and get it back to the healthy grass that you once had before the weeds decided to move in.

Different Types Of Lawn Weeds
There are many different types of weeds that can be found in your lawn. Some of these are extremely difficult to eliminate. Most of us are familiar with dandelions, but there are many other types that can be just as prominent in your grass. Yarrow are weeds with white flowers. They have a very potent aroma when you squish the featherlike foliage. Others include Dai…